Security Beyond
the Perimeter

Status Identity's proprietary technology provides end-users with a truly friction-less authentication experience. Through behavioral biometrics and machine learning, security administrators are provided with an unparalleled level of identity intelligence.

Security Beyond<br>
the Perimeter

Authenticate Autonomously; Preserve Privacy

Our approach combines stronger security and
a seamless user experience while maintaining privacy.

Powerful Insights with machine learning and behavioral biometrics

A truly friction-less
user experience

Open API for
enterprise integrations

The Zero-Trust Approach

Without VPNs or firewalls, access is based on hardened device data and end-user activity

Powerful Identity Analytics
Seamless User Experience
No Personal Data Needed

Status Identity maximizes security and minimizes user friction.

• Status Identity gathers data from hundreds of sources to determine the risk level of devices and users.

• Identifies anomalous activity using proprietary machine learning and adaptive logic

• Behavioral data provides deep, actionable insights previously unavailable through competing solutions

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