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Detect Unknown threats and Anomalous Behavior
using machine learning

Status Identity profiles devices, detects anomalies in user behavior, and measures risk. In addition to comprehensive reporting, Status Identity can step up authentication mechanisms depending on the risk of each access event in real-time.

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A New Lens On Risk


Even though insider threats comprise 75% of security breaches, existing architectures rely largely on firewalls to protect the enterprise from external threats. 2-factor authentication has proven to be inadequate because it utilizes static mechanisms which are vulnerable to mobile hacks, and because it creates unnecessary friction with additional passcodes.

With tightening regulations such as GDPR, NYDFS Cybersecurity requirements and HIPAA elevated authentication controls, there is increasing administrative pressure on organizations to apply elevated security controls for their employees, partners and extended networks. Existing solutions for privledged application access are not only inadequate, they create substantial productivity losses.

Status Identity’s proprietary technology allows for highly scalable, passive authentication for privileged users. Through machine learning based pattern recognition and behavioral analytics, we minimize end-user activity while elevating an organization’s security posture. Best of all, our solutions do not require personally identifiable information. We believe today’s access challenges can be overcome with a combination of machine learning, intuitive user interfaces and open API integration.

Protect the Borderless Perimeter


Status Identity leverages the array of sensors within mobile devices, along with application logs to authoritatively identify devices. Changes related to device connectivity, operating system, device ID and others are instantly identified and used to prevent unauthorized devices.


By applying machine learning algorithms to user behavior analysis and device data, Status Identity creates organizational insight that is unavailable through SIEM tools or Access Governance Platforms. Not only does this approach allow for continuous authentication, it works passively in the background to provide a truly frictionless solution.


Our flexible APIs can be embedded into existing enterprise access controls to enhance organizational insight and strengthen remediation. With robust reporting capabilities Status Identity’s solution augments SOC resources by automatically stitching hundreds of anomalies observed across multiple entities, users, devices and applications. This allows organizations to implement a holistic and cohesive security strategy.

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